Children and Youth Programs

We offer a community where all children are welcomed, questions are encouraged, and individual needs are cared for. Our experienced and compassionate volunteer teachers provide a variety of creative learning experiences for our children and youth.

Our Children and Youth programs are offered during the school-year concurrent with our worship services. Additional children, youth and family programs are organized seasonally throughout the year.

Sunday School During COVID-19

The church building is closed, but there’s an active pandemic version of Sunday School for ages 3-13 as Sunday School in a Bag is delivered to each family weekly.

Downtown Presbyterian Church uses the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum which takes one focus passage from the lectionary each week, provides an age-appropriate adaptation of the Bible story, and offers a variety of activities to help children respond to the main idea of the passage and engage with it.

Each family gets a copy of the story,, a little background reading on the lectionary texts, and small bags packed with supplies for games and art activities.  All these go into a brown grocery bag.  With a wide age range and interests that range even wider, the decision was made early to put materials for all the available activities in every bag so choices could be made by inclination as well as by age.

Names go on the bags.  Each one is tied securely at the top, and on Friday afternoons, a bag arrives on the porch or front steps of every family with children in the Sunday School.

If you’d like to learn more, or if you have children who might like to take part in this program, please email, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Nursery (For Ages 0 to 4)

Staffed by a professional teacher and assisted by volunteers, childcare is provided on Sunday mornings before and during worship service from 9:45 am through the worship hour.

Parents are welcome to bring infants and toddlers to worship so they can participate in the “Time with Our Children and Youth” or they may bring them to the Nursery prior to the beginning of Worship service. If the adult bringing the child to the nursery feels more comfortable staying awhile, this person may remain with the child as long as she or he might like. The nursery is located on the second floor, directly up the stairs through the doors in the front of the sanctuary.

Sunday School (For Grades Pre-K through 5):

Our Sunday School Families attend the beginning of worship together and then following the “Time for Children and Youth” in worship, children are invited upstairs to classes grouped by age. Our Sunday School program is interactive, playful and caring. We focus on God’s boundless love for all people and how Jesus leads us to love and care for one another and our world.

Youth Group (For Grades 6 through 12)

Our Youth Group is centered around community building and service experiences that help youth experience God’s love, with one another, the church and the wider world. Youth meet regularly on Sunday mornings following the “Time for Children and Youth” in worship. Additional seasonal fun social and service programs are scheduled throughout the school year.

During the Summer

Sunday School and Youth Group take a break during the summer months. Nursery and supervised play space is available during Worship service for children during the summer . Children are also always welcome in Worship service.