Directions and Parking

We are located in the heart of downtown Rochester near City Hall.

Downtown Presbyterian Church
121 N Fitzhugh Street
Rochester, NY 14614

Phone: (585) 325-4000

Free surface parking is available in the Rochester City Hall parking lot across from Downtown Presbyterian Church. All-day free parking is available in this parking lot on weekends and holidays. Evening free parking is available most weekdays after 5:30 pm.
The church also has free parking lots adjacent to and behind the building. Please enter through the gate, by pressing the call button.

Directions to Sanctuary:
The sanctuary has both front and back entrances, and worshippers are welcome to enter through any door. A handicap accessible ramp makes it possible to enter through a door close to the sanctuary.

Directions to the Shaw Room, Hallock Lounge and Church Library:
Many of our events and meetings are held in the Shaw Room, Hallock Lounge or Church Library. You may access these spaces through the Sanctuary by exiting through the front and turning to your left or you may access these rooms by entering through the Church Office entrance towards the south side of the building. Enter through that door and go up a short flight of stairs to the front desk. The Hallock Lounge is to your left. Around the corner to your right is the Church Library as well as the elevator. To reach the Shaw Room, take the elevator to the 2nd floor. The Shaw Room will be to your left.