Loving the World

How do we become part of God's steadfast compassion and creative transformation in our world?  A dialogue about ethical questions is ongoing in our congregation and wider communities.  As people with many points of view, we listen to one another with respect and join in learning new ways to express our faith, hope, and love for the world. Together we ...

  • Work to protect our city's children and youth from poverty, violence, and hunger through Teen Empowerment
  • Welcome our neighbors without homes into our building through RAIHN / Family Promise
  • Collect and distribute food through the Community Food Cupboard
  • Support the education of students by tutoring at School 3 in Rochester
  • Help bring well water to remote African villages through Water for South Sudan
  • Provide education and leadership skills to children and teens through Building Minds in South Sudan
  • Celebrate God's gifts of diversity in race, ethnicity, ability, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity
  • Practice our faith in ways that foster well-being for the earth and all its peoples