Episode 4 (January 2019): Spiritual Journeys with Windsor Wade

In our series of interviews and talks called “Spiritual Journeys,” we hear Downtown Church members and friends tell the stories of their faith. This time we’ll hear from Windsor Wade. Windsor is a member of our church, and also a retired social studies teacher in the Rochester City School District. As you’ll hear, his talk weaves together the personal, the historical, and the spiritual as he describes how his faith has evolved and grown throughout his life. Windsor’s talk was originally recorded as part of a long-running series of events at our church called Sunday Forum. Sunday Forum is sometimes called a little free university, since it features academics, experts, spiritual leaders, and ordinary people sharing their knowledge on a wide range of topics. It takes place most Sunday mornings at 9:50 am and ends just before worship. You can find a schedule of upcoming Sunday Forum presentations here.

Music: Lee Wright and Alan Jones perform “Get On Board” and “Starlight Improvisation.”