Sunday School and Nursery

We offer a community where all children are welcome, questions are encouraged, and individual needs are cared for. Our experienced and compassionate teachers provide a variety of creative learning experiences for our young disciples.

Sunday School 

Multi-age class for children 5-13 

11:15 AM - Noon 

Our Sunday School families attend the beginning of worship together and then following the Time with Young Disciples, children are invited upstairs by their teacher for class. Downtown United Presbyterian Church uses the Joyful Path Curriculum which features one passage from the lectionary each week, an age-appropriate adaptation of the Bible story, and offers a variety of activities to help the children respond to the main idea of the passage and engage with it. Our Sunday School program is interactive, playful and caring. We focus on God’s boundless love for all people and how Jesus asks us to love and care for one another and our world.

Nursery (For Ages 0 to 4)

10:30 AM - Noon 

Staffed by a professional teacher and assisted by volunteers, childcare is provided Sunday mornings and during worship.

Parents are welcome to bring infants and toddlers to worship so they can participate in the “Time with Young Disciples” or they may bring them to the nursery prior to the beginning of worship service. If the adult bringing the child to the nursery feels more comfortable staying awhile, this person may remain with the child as long as she, he or they might like. The nursery is located on the second floor, directly up the stairs through the doors in the front of the sanctuary on the left.

During the Summer

Sunday School and nursery take a break during the summer months. Children are always welcome in our worship service.